Pushup Progress – 2nd October

I mentioned in my previous post that I had downloaded a pushups app. I have continued to use it and made steady progress. Here are the app charts for the past few months.

  • At first, I was doing about 40 to 60 pushups per day.
  • This increased in August and I did up to 100 per day.
  • The upward trend continued in September with a high of 136 pushups in one day, as can be seen on the app’s home page.
  • My average is 72 pushups per day. This is simply total pushups divided by number of days. I think it includes the few days where I did not do any pushups at all.
  • I have been fairly consistent in doing pushups nearly every day. I only missed about 3 days.

Some additional stats that are not on the app:

I timed myself on how many pushups I could do in one minute. On my second or maybe third attempt (not on the same day as the previous attempt), I was able to do 35 pushups within one minute. I then went on to do 5 more after the minute was over,  without getting up, to bring it to 40 pushups. So:

  • Pushups in one minute: 35
  • Pushups without getting up from pushup position: 40

Today, 2nd October 2021, after watching this video, I attempted to do 100 pushups within 10 minutes. The plan was to do 10 starting at the beginning of every minute, and I did that for I think the first six or seven sets, then I fell a little behind, but managed to catch up. I finished 100 with about 5 seconds to spare. 🙂

I now don’t consistently follow the training plan that the app offers, but I still use it to record pushups done.


This site is back. The content that I had written on the original site got wiped out. My fault. I had not backed up (among other issues). I managed to retrieve some of the old content from the Way Back Machine, and hopefully, I will gradually upload some of those here.

I am also back to exercising. I started doing pushups and I am surprised at how few I could do in a row (less than 15). For comparison, a few(?) years back I could do 40 pushups within a minute.

I downloaded an app that tells me how many to do and keeps track for me. I have been doing 50 pushups per day for the past few days. Let’s see how things go.





I also hope to soon get back to running a little bit. I will almost certainly use the beginner programme that I used when I first started running about 10 years ago. I can no longer see it on verywellfit where I recently saw it, but here is a picture.